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Stretching from the shores of Lake Ontario in Oswego to the spectacular gorges of Ithaca, the greater Syracuse, NY area is the economic powerhouse of Central New York. Syracuse itself has nearly 150,000 people, and the metropolitan area has over 660,000. The region is home to many renowned colleges and universities, including Cornell University, Syracuse University, and SUNY Cortland. Whether you’ve come to the area to learn, work, or relax, you won’t find any shortage of things to see and do.

Any region that has so many people working and learning needs something for all those people to do for fun – and Syracuse’s bar and dispensary scene is up to the task. However, New York State’s strict licensing requirements can sometimes make it hard for people to achieve their dreams of owning their own bar, dispensary, or convenience or liquor store. Thankfully, the seasoned professionals at SLA Solutions NY Inc are here to help.

Let Us Help You Obtain a Liquor, Cannabis, or Lottery License in Syracuse, NY!

We have proudly helped many clients across the Syracuse, NY area get the licenses they need to operate safely and legally. Our team members are experts in New York State’s licensing requirements, and we also have experience working with federal permits and licenses. Whether you’re seeking a liquor license, cannabis license, lottery license, or tobacco license, we can assist.

We can get through every stage of the application process. Our team understands the complex forms and can help you best position yourself and your business for success. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years and have weathered many changes in the licensing process. We’ll get you one step closer to serving your customers!

See for yourself why businesses across Syracuse, NY turn to us for help with licenses and permits. Contact us today to learn more and get a free consultation!

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